Happy Halloween~

Published October 30, 2011 by Kristel Goodspeed-Correa

Monsters, Goblins and Ghouls take over the night;
Giving everyone they encounter somewhat of a fright,

Hiding deep within the shadows, they lay in wait;
For some tasty unsuspecting human to meet their fate,

Wicked Witches casting unearthly spells;
summoning up the demons of hell,

Zombies wandering out from beyond their graves;
Looking for warm, inviting, scrumptious brains,

Werewolves howling at the moon’s eerie glow;
Sending shivers of terror up the spines to all that know,

Vampires fangs sparking with the freshly drawn blood of their prey;
Hunting all through the night while they hide in seclusion at the dawn of day,

Ghosts  enjoying their evening with every haunt;
Some playful while others more sinister, but all  love to taunt,

Paralyzed in fear, all you can do is run for your life and scream;
Waking up in a deep sweat, you realize …it’s all been a very bad dream.

Happy Halloween 🙂

This new poem reminds me a lot of the one I wrote about a decade ago  when I used to write poems much more frequently.  So I will share that one as well (especially since its one of my favorite ones ever)

Finally, it is nearly October 31st, HALLOWEEN;
that time of year, when it is fun to scream,
Children everywhere dress in the most frightening of clothes;
going door to door trick or treating to the houses they chose,
Jack-O-Lanterns give the night an eery look;
while the children eat most of the candy they took,
Ghouls, goblins, witches, zombies and bats;
remember to watch out for that superstitious black cat,
vampires out at the midnight hour;
searching for blood with their unearthly powers,
Ghosts will haunt as they roam through the night;
giving all who will see them, much more than a fright,
Freddy Krueger…a vicious man, who is more than a creep;
and if your arent careful, he come for you when you are asleep,
The headless horseman gallops around;
his head in his hands, as he searches the town,
The witches in Salem will stir up their brew;
filling it with toads and snails, and hopefully not of you,
Costume parties everywhere…Just look at the flyers;
a great time will be had so long as you avoid Michael Myers,
Cemeteries will be filled with the walking dead;
and you can be sure, it is not all in your head,
Be nice to the monster, Frankenstein;
He is misunderstood, and is gentle and kind,
Remember that Halloween is supposed to be fun;
and to be leary of pranks, that will hurt anyone.

2 comments on “Happy Halloween~

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  • Thanks Weathervane 🙂 xxooxxoo ❤

    No, I do not hire out a developer at all. I just use one of the templates that WordPress offers to us. Occasionally I will peek at the new ones and preview how my page looks in it and whether or not it allows for everything I want to have posted.

    Have a wonderful day and take care

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