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Lupus, RA & the Holidays- The Lupus Magazine article for December 2011

Published November 30, 2011 by Kristel Goodspeed-Correa

Unfortunately, diseases do not take time off for the holidays, so we MUST remember to ask for help when we need it. I learned this lesson the hard way on Thanksgiving Day cooking the turkey.

Hopefully, my story is one of caution to help the rest of you avoid making the same mistake that I did..  Ask for help if you need it, PLEASE?!  While I may find a funny spin to put on the story, I seriously hurt myself in its aftermath, that made itself visible the next morning.

While my story talks more on RA than Lupus, I think the message is still the same regardless of which diseases we have..  I just happen to have both.  We seriously need to be careful and ask for help when we need it.  No excuses!  We have to because we can seriously hurt ourselves if we do not.

I actually had “hands on standby” to help me out that day.  My daughter, Stephanie actually did help out a lot that day.  She made pies, she chopped up some of the vegetables and did some of the preparation, too.   The turkey was supposed to cook until 5pm.  No problem, we would put the squash and potatoes on about an hour or so before that and we are good to go…

Stephanie had to work that night from 8pm to 6am, so I sent her upstairs to sleep before she went into work.  Typical Mom, I worried about her potentially falling asleep driving home the next morning if she didnt.  Anyhow, much to my surprise, I peeked in on the turkey around 3pm and the popper was telling me it was already done- 2 hours ahead of schedule!  Akkkk!

I turned off the oven and started finishing chopping up the squash and peeling potatoes.  Next thing you know, I hear SPLASH, SPLASH in my stove. Oh noooo!  The turkey juices are spilling over in there.  NO!!!!  That turkey had the most juice I have ever seen!  Literally, that turkey was sitting in juices  that  filled 1/2 way into the pan.

By this point, I am paranoid of a grease fire so I think to myself ~should I go wake up Stephanie?  Then decide noooooo  I’ll let her sleep.  I can handle this.  Ohh how I lie to myself still, still not wanting to cave into the reality of “no, I shouldnt be doing this”   I guess that if I did, I would have to admit weakness.

So then comes to the start to what I termed “RA problems” (ok, ok…I admit its a cheap rip off of Snookie from the Jersey Shore and her “meatball problems”  LOL- I saw some of the episodes) but you have to find some sort of humor in it all, otherwise you would cry your eyes out..

I grab the oven mitts and heaved that huge turkey out of the oven (I swear, I think it weighed as much as me!) [whew] its on top of the stove now.  Now what do I do with it so I can finish cooking and I cant leave it sitting in all those juices making it’s own soup ????!!!  RA PROBLEMS!  Its not like I have the strength to carry it very far, esp when its hot and can burn me. What to do, what to do!

AHH   HAAA!  So I grab another huge pan, deciding ok, I am going to put this huge turkey into the “turkey relocation progam” and relocate it from pan A to Pan B while leaving all those juices in Pan A so we can use them later 😉  Sounds simple enough, right?  Wrong- More RA PROBLEMS!   How do you lift up this huge, steaming hot bird?  Esp when you have no real strength?

I grab the turkey by it’s legs  LOL  hmmm seems like I can lift it that way pretty easily.   Umm yeah, pretty much until I got the entire thing airborne then that turkey decided well you know, it had cooked a long time and randomly  just began to slide off the bones before it got to pan B.   akkkkkk RA PROBLEMS!  LOL  trying to quickly get it over to Pan B as the meat was sliding off the bones before it got everywhere and/or burned me!  By the time I got it all over to pan B, the meat had slid off the legs I was holding and I was left with 2 very large, yet clean bones (so I threw those out!)

At this point, I thought to myself “Ohhh noooo”  this doesnt even look like a turkey anymore.  Just a heap of meat in a pan  LOL  [angelic look]  No one will ever know if I get it all carved before anyone knows what happened muahahahahaa  Oh my  LOL  What an experience that turkey was…  No more turkey cooking for me!!!!!!

For those of you who do not know, I recently had some x-rays taken of my left hand.  Results= Not good.  The RA has literally eaten 1/2 way across 2 of my knuckles (Rheumy called it the carpal heads of my middle finger and index fingers).   I KNEW about this Thanksgiving Day.  What I did not think about that day was the potential permanent damage I may have inflicted on my left hand.  Literally both of those fingers only have 1/2 the bone present in those joints currently.  What if the weight of that turkey had SNAPPED the remaining 1/2?  That was very dumb of me not to think of it.

The photos below are what I woke up to the next morning , so please learn from my own stupidity and ask for help when cooking these holiday dinners.  Dont make excuses for yourself and end up hurting yourself like I did.

Like I said earlier, although I found a funny spin to the story, ultimately damaging yourself really is not funny at all.  Trust me, the pain from this was OFF THE CHARTS excruciating!  I wont be making that same mistake any time soon.

Have a Happy and safe Holiday season filled with love, family and happiness.
Happy Holidays to all of my international friends xxooxxoo ❤

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