My List of the Monsters of Autoimmunity

I am always trying to find new and fun ways to try to find a lil humor in some ways in which we can try to cope with having these painful, annoying, and incurable diseases with no known causes.  Anyhow, one night on facebook, some online friends and I created a list and here it is:

  • Big Bad Wolf- Lupus
  • Gargoyle- Rheumatoid Arthritis/RA
  • The Beast- Raynauld’s Phenomenon
  • Tazmanian Devil – Multiple Sclerosis/MS
  • The Wicked Witch of All Directions- Fibromyalgia
  • Lochness Monster- Sjogrens Syndrome
  • Vampires- the lab technicians who draw all the many vials of blood needed for testing
  • Zombies- Insomnia (symptom)
  • The Blob- The side effects to Steroids like Prednisone
  • Gremlins- the skin issues related to these diseases

    New Additions to list

    • “Gastropa” monster- Submitted by Cindy Gurley for the disease Gastroparethis

If you can think of any more that you think should be added to the list, let me know.



4 comments on “My List of the Monsters of Autoimmunity

  • Im no expert, but I feel you just produced the very best point. You naturally know a lot about what youre talking about, and I can actually get behind that. Thanks for being so upfront and so honest about the subject matter. I truly feel like I have a much better understanding now.

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